I grew up watching my parents doing outreach in the community and standing up for anyone without a voice. It gave me my first true love, Civil Rights and Human Rights. 

My father was a POW in WWII and my brother did not come home from Viet Nam.

I know first hand the effects PTSD and War have on a family and of being denied of life saving surgery. I do not come from a life of privilege nor do I f feel it is my birthright to have this office.

I have done outreach for over 30 years, I understand the agony when civil rights are violated or denied. Advocating for my fellow man gave me the insight of how people feel when left behind. It does not matter what side of town one lives or income status or gender or education or anything, what matters is if rights have been violated or denied, if so I take action. Addressing issues and finding solutions is my normal. 

I went to school to help others, many in the legal profession will not touch civil rights and human rights, to me it is in my nature to right the wrong done. Being in the front line of correcting an injustice is my ordinary, it is my life. I am not interested in a resume of opportunity, I am retired.

I am not an Austin Insider. I am not a member of the good ole boys club nor am I from a family that is. I am a fighter against them. I am united with the community, unity is feared.

I respectfully ask for your vote and support because together we can do anything.                         

Stand With Me, Keep The Movement Going, Join The Bee Hive.

I Am The Change District 19 Needs NowKeep The Movement Going by Volunteering or DonatingI Am A Fighter Against The Good Ole Boys and Insiders